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Storing positions for Overlander
Mrs. Bandari Guest House / relatively expensive, but very clean, with swimming pool and a nice garden
(Parvatti Valley)
big hayfield at the end of the village
Sarahan Sarahan Resort
Rampur HPTDC Restaurant
Varanasi Parkplatz Kings Hotel
Jibhi Jibhi Camping
Shimla in front of HPTDC Office
Shimla in front of Indian Institut for Advanced Studies (difficult avenue)
Dehli Park at Neru Park vis-à-vis the Pakistani embassy 100 Rps., toilets and showers are with costs
Puskhar RTDC Tourist Hotel, a little distance outside at the road to Jaisalmer
Fathepur Sikrit bus-park, at the top, in front of the palace
Poona Bund Garden Park, ask the guard and for 50 Rps. you may park there for one night

Vrindavan Resort, nice place, nice owner


Agonda 40 Rps. per day at the beach
Vagator vis-à-vis the Fusion Restaurant for free

wood of cocos directly on the beach, negotiate the price directly with the landowner

International Driving Licence

To rent a motorbike in Goa you absolutely need an international driving licence.
The police make a big deal with tourists who have none.
European driving licences are not accepted in Goa!

Exchange rate (valid July 2006)
1 $ = ca. 46 Rps 1 € = ca. 58 Rps 1 Sfr. = ca. 37 Rps
Prices of diesel oil (valid July 2006)
33 - 36 Indian Rupies / Liter
Amristsar Amristsar Amristsar
Dehli Driver Marco Ellora Caves
Ellora Caves Fathepur Fathepur
Fathepur Goa Goa
Goa Goa Goa
Goa Goa Goa
Goa Manikaran Parvati Valley Manikaran Parvati Valley
Manikaran Parvati Valley On the Road Parvati Valley
Parvati Valley Parvati Valley Pushkar
Pushkar Pushkar Pushkar
Rainy season Rainy season Rainy season
Rainy season Rainy season Udaipur
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